By purchasing jewellery handmade by the beneficiaries of NGO Atina’s program, you directly provide assistance to the victims of human trafficking.

Jewellery workshop are the aspect of creative therapeutic work, and contribute to economic empowerment of victims. Many of the girls have experienced situations of sexual or labour exploitation, and they lived in extreme poverty. They come from different backgrounds, but they all have a common goal, to be happy and to have the best quality of life possible. This is a way to help them.

Jewellery is unique, made of beads and semi-precious stones, made with a lot of love and dedication.

All the funds raised will be doubled by the Trag Foundation within the program "For sustainable and competitive social services", which will allow the beneficiaries of Atina’s programs to receive much needed support and basic means for living.

Ordering jewellery

Jewellery can be ordered by sending the code of the jewellery piece you want to the email address


Payments can be made:

    In advance, directly to NGO Atina’s account 160-374574-02
    Cash on delivery via Post Express (+ 200,00 RSD postage)
    Personally, in NGO Atina’s premises


    Upon payment via mail (+ 60,00 RSD postage)
    Via Post Express (+ 200,00 RSD postage)
    Delivery in person in Belgrade


Because it matters to all of us!


Leather bracelets



Vowen jewellery


Jewelry made of clay


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