Citizens’ Association Atina became a member of the International Social Service (ISS)

Citizens’ Association Atina became a member of the International Social Service (ISS)

Citizens’ Association Atina and the International Social Service (ISS) based in Geneva, signed a Memorandum of Cooperation, thus Atina became an official member of this organization. This network is known for its expertise, expert knowledge and professionalism on the issues related to the protection of the rights of the child and family. A relentless and powerful commitment to these issues over the years has resulted in international legitimacy for dealing with individual cases, providing professional counselling, conducting surveys, analyses, implementing projects, disseminating information, publishing publications, advocating, and lobbying.

The idea to establish International Social Service was born in 1921, when delegates from 17 countries gathered at a global conference in Stockholm. It was developing as a response to the First World War aftermath. In 1924, International Migration Service was founded which changed its name to International Social Service (ISS) in 1946. Today, it represents an international network of non-profit organizations made up of professionals dedicated to preservation or re-establishment of connections between the members of families who have been affected by migration or displacement. This network is dedicated to finding solutions for the protection of unaccompanied minors, neglected or abandoned children, family searches, reuniting and repatriation, legal aid, individual counselling and ensuring the respect of all the needs and rights of its beneficiaries.

Currently, the International Social Service operates in 100 countries, facilitating communication between different social services, service providers, civil society organizations in an effort to overcome major issues people are confronted as a result of migration and displacement.  

Citizens’ Association Atina has been cooperating with the International Social Service (ISS) since 2017, providing support to the persons who are suspected to have experienced some form of exploitation and/or human trafficking. It also mediates in obtaining personal documents and resolving civic and legal issues for persons placed in safe houses abroad, assisted housing, or other forms of accommodation intended for the victims of gender-based violence and human trafficking. So far, 13 persons in the state of social need have been supported this way.

On this day, we are delighted to officialize the cooperation with the International Social Service (ISS) and sign the Memorandum of Cooperation, thereby making Citizens’ Association Atina its official member.

More information about the ISS can be found via the following link: