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<p>Dinars Account Details:</p>

<p>Primalac: <strong>NVO Atina</strong><br />
Dinarski račun: <strong>145-5319-23</strong><br />
Banka: <strong>Marfin banka</strong><br />
Adresa banke: <strong>Dalmatinska 22, 11000 Beograd</strong><br />
Šifra plaćanja: <strong>187</strong><br />
Šifra plaćannja za e-banking: <strong>87</strong><br />
Svrha plaćanja:<strong> Donacija</strong></p>


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<p><a href="/sites/default/files/Instruction_EUR_Atina.pdf"><strong>Please find here payment instruction for donations in EUR.</strong></a></p>

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