NGO Atina at 4th International Youth Forum of the European Center for Peace and Development

The topic of the 4th International ECPD Youth Forum was Culture of Peace, with a special focus on the refugee crisis and the youth. The Forum gathered young professionals from several European countries, who had an opportunity to share their experiences in work with refugees, gain new knowledge, but also forge partnerships and friendships.

NGO Atina gave its contribution to the Youth Forum through sharing experiences in direct work with women and children from the refugee population who survived human trafficking or gender-based violence.

This event was a perfect opportunity to develop new ideas and friendships which will, in the future, represent a chance for all the participants to fight for the rights of those who are disempowered in the countries they are coming from, and beyond.

Through its participation in the Youth Forum, NGO Atina has been enriched by yet another experience, new knowledge, but also new friendships.