NGO Atina established an social enterprise Bagel Bejgl

Bagel Бејгл shop is a social enterprise established by NGO Atina - an organization that, since 2003, has advocated for the rights of victims of human trafficking and other forms of exploitation. In addition to having a strong ethical component, this is a unique place to enjoy and relax in, with an amazing taste and smell of world famous pastry which is finally presented in our beautiful city. Products in the Bagel shop, deli sandwiches and pastries, are prepared from the finest ingredients, and according to 'homemade like' recipes.

This space, people and concept are part of a struggle that has lasted for more than twelve years - struggle for a just society of equals, which promotes diversity and solidarity. All profits from this social enterprise will be directed toward support programs for victims and their recovery and, at the same time, it will be a place for their constant practice and training. Given that the majority of identified trafficking victims in our country comes from the population of young people, for many of them this will be a first-time opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills and experience that will help them find employment more easily. Bagel Бејгл currently employs five people, and has a tendency to further develop.

On the occasion of Bagel Бејгл shop opening in Knez Danilova Street No. 39 in Belgrade, Marijana Savić, director of Citizens’ Association Atina, pointed out that this endeavor practically represents an innovation in the field of protection of victims of human trafficking in our country, as they will be specifically economically empowered, and given a chance to acquire new knowledge, social contacts and skills, which they previously did not have. For these reasons, she urged the wider community to support this important fight. “Everything indicates that, in the future, community development will not be possible without mutual support and partnership of civil society organizations, private sector, government institutions, and citizens in general. Therefore, we invite you to contribute, and be a part of this story that fundamentally changes things, and allows an opportunity to those who can not do without us”, she concluded.

Bagel Бејгл would not exist if it were not for generous support of the Regional Program “Social Protection and Prevention of Human Trafficking”, German organization for international cooperation (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH – GIZ), Belgian King Baudouin Foundation, MOSAIK Foundation, UniCredit Foundation and Group 484. Come, enjoy and support Bagel Бејгл. For a better and tastier world!

Bagel Бејгл 
Knez Danilova Street No. 39 
011 33 4 88 65 

Mon - Sat: from 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM