Pride and Joy of the Program for Reintegration

The best demonstration of the success of the program for reintegration in 2016 are achievements and results of its beneficiaries. Having in mind the fact that majority of our beneficiaries enter the program with primary levels of education, following their development in that area is an important indicator of the effectiveness of methodology Atina implements. We are proud to state the situation in 2016 and 2017 -  4 beneficiaries actively attend vocational high schools and regularly pass exams. Three girls are going to High School for Traffic and they are the first, third and fourth (final) grade. What is especially important is their mutually support to each other in studying and instigation to achieve better results through cooperation, not competition. One beneficiary attends the final, fourth grade of High School for Agriculture, and she has to finish final exam in order to get a degree of technician for horticulture.

Besides beneficiaries still completing their high school education, we are proud to report that one beneficiary has successfully graduated High School for Hairdressers. Immediately after graduation, she got a job.

Incited by our economic empowerment program, one beneficiary has started to develop her small business idea about cosmetic services of manicure and pedicure.

The best example of how long-term  support within Atina's program for social reintegration works is reflected in the situation of Atina's beneficiary who entered the program with basic education, and poor economic and social status. Today, she is successfully completing high school, with desire to continue education and go to University. She has regular income through several part-time activities, and she is completely economically independent. She has also enrolled in driving lessons, as driving license would provide her additional possibilities. She is also involved in peer support group, working on providing support and help to other girls who have survived human trafficking and violence.

All these girls have been recognized as leaders in their closest surroundings. Now, empowered, they are also agents of change – they are strong enough to recognize and react to violence in their environment. Thanks to their reactions, NGO Atina was able to provide timely reaction in many situations and support more girls. They are self confident young women with the newly found sense of self-appreciation and a place in the world.