child marriage

A play “Koštana” performed at Vranje theatre

Photo: Vranjski plus

Youth group of the Vranje theatre performed a segment of the play “Koštana”, written by Borisav Stanković and directed by Dragan Živković Durget. The performed segment vividly describes forced marriage through a tragic fate of the main female character who is married off against her will. Performance was organized by the Local Anti-Trafficking Team of the City of Vranje in partnership with the NGO Atina, and in cooperation with the theatre “Bora Stanković”.


Child Marriages in Serbia

Graffitti by Banksy

Child marriage is yet another term for sexual abuse of minors, particularly underage girls, which is “legitimized” in certain social and cultural contexts through marriage. This practice is not unique to any country or religion, nor is it solely a phenomenon of the Global North or the Global South.

Child marriage and slavery