Bagel Бејгл in the campaign #možedrugačije

Bagel Бејгл, social enterprise founded by NGO Atina, participates in the campaign #možedrugačije, launched by the Organization Razlivalište. The aim of this campaign is to introduce general public to the concept of social entrepreneurship. Through the stories of four social entrepreneurs, including the director of NGO Atina, Marijana Savic, the campaign presents their businesses and motivation to change the world they live and work in through their actions.

Bagel Бејгл’s moto The secret ingredient of our bagel is the fight for dignity conjures up the motivation behind the efforts invested in this social enterprise in the past two years in the best possible way. We are immensely proud to be part of the campaign #možedrugačije, to be recognized as an innovative concept, and to have an opportunity to introduce the general public to Bagel Бејгл and make the fight for equality and solidarity, and against human trafficking and exploitation, even more visible.

More about the campaign, Bagel Бејгл and other participants, can be found via their website:

The interview with Marijana Savic about Bagel Бејгл, and everything it represents, can be found here:

More about our social enterprise can be found via the website: