Marijana Savic and Atina received an award for activism

On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, US ambassador in Belgrade, Kyle Scott, organized a reception at the residence, and delivered awards to those who most contributed to combating gender-based violence. In addition to Marijana Savic, director of NGO Atina, the awards were also received by Zorana Mihajlovic, MP and Chairperson of the Coordination Body for Gender Equality, Slobodanka Boba Macanovic from NGO Autonomous Women's Center, Mitar Djuraskovic from the Ministry of Interior, and Dragoslava Barzut from NGO Da se zna. On that occasion, ambassador Scott emphasized that the right of women and girls to live a life free of violence is not a fight of women, civil society activists, alone but a fight everyone should be involved in. He also commended Serbia's efforts in this direction, in particular the adoption of the Law on the Prevention of Domestic Violence, as well as the Strategy and Action Plan for Prevention and Suppression of Trafficking in Human Beings. Marijana Savic, founder and director of NGO Atina, has been combating human trafficking and all forms of violence against women for more than 16 years. Through various initiatives and actions, she is providing assistance and support to girls and women, survivors of violence and human trafficking. “I believe that, as individuals, we are bringing significant changes to the society. There is a lot of responsibility on each individual, and we must believe that we can influence things, and change them. We cannot afford ourselves the luxury of beings passive and indifferent toward anything,” she stated on this occasion. “Our embassy is proud to have helped the working group in drafting domestic violence law, and I want to tell the police, social workers, teachers, NGOs, courts, and numerous other actors working on the protection of women against domestic violence - thank you for your work and courage,” said Scott. The original news can be found here: