Political parties, media, and children

Political parties, media, and children
The Network of Organizations for Children of Serbia (MODS) which brings together 101 organizations for the realization, protection and promotion of children's rights, expresses concern about the frequent and inadequate appearance of children in the media and political activities. Citizens Association Atina is a member and one of the founders of MODS.

The Organization Friends of the Children of Serbia, a MODS member, issued a CODEX CHILDREN AND THE MEDIA back in 1993, based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child ratified by our country. We are reminding that part of this document is the CODEX ON PROTECTION OF CHILDREN FROM POLITICAL ABUSE, which was then accepted by almost all political parties, pledging not to act among minors and not to include them in their activities. The media pledged not to make time and space available for articles contrary to the spirit of these codexes.

"Codex Children and the Media" represents the rules of conduct of the media in relation to children, which should not only protect the rights of the child, but also contribute to the education of adults and children about the rights of the child. Also, by signing the Codex, the media pledged to treat critically any disrespect for the rights of the child, regardless of which side it came from. The Codex, among other things, provided clear recommendations on how to protect children from inappropriate and harassing content (such as deviant behavior, scenes of violence, exploitation), and that, in addition to parental consent, the right of the child to declare whether they wish to participate will also be respected.

We emphasize it is of the utmost importance to have the media protect identity and privacy of children in cases that can lead to child stigmatization and long-term negative consequences for the child, and by no means endanger the life and health of children.
The Network of Organizations for Children of Serbia, and Friends of Children of Serbia, 26 years later urge and remind all political and media actors in our society to respect the child and the child's right to childhood. In the first place, they should take into account what the best interest of the child, and ways to fulfill the obligations we, as a society, have undertaken to have the children grow and think freely and independently, surrounded by love, trust and tolerance.

Thus, we urge the media and political parties to re-familiarize themselves with the text of the Codex Children and the Media, and we remind them that the realization and protection of the rights of the child, the right to life, to health, dignity, protection of identity and privacy, should be the primary mission of every society and every responsible individual in it.

The original text can be found via the following link: http://zadecu.org/politicke-stranke-mediji-deca-otvoreno-pismo/