Subotica part of the Network for improving the position of migrants

Subotica is part of the Local network for improving the position of migrants since July last year, and the network's coordinator, Ilija Djukanovic, during the interview for our TV station said that, in addition to networking with other municipalities affected by the migrant crisis and exchange of experiences, they also created the first report on the situation in Subotica, and finalized the call for civil society organizations who applied to carry out activities involving migrant population.

Due to a specific position, but also taking over responsibility for providing protection and assistance to migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers, Subotica is one of the six municipalities and cities in Serbia which make up the network for improving the position of migrants, which is conducted through the project "Building Together". The network is formed with the aim to enable cities affected by the migrant crisis to adequately respond to all the challenges.

In addition to Serbia, the project is also implemented in three municipalities in Macedonia, and several meetings and traininigs have been held so far to strengthen the network in the area of advocacy. According to Mr. Djukanovic's words, the situation is different in each of nine cities and municipalities affected by the migrant crisis, but the exchange of experiences is highly valuable.

International project "Building Together - Community Monitoring and Advocacy" is jointly implemented by Atina, Macedonian Lawyers Association, and Konrad Adenauer Foundation, with the financial support of the European Union in Subotica and Sid, Sremska Mitrovica, Belgrade, Presevo, Vranje, Kumanovo, Gevgelija, and Skopje. The project will last until the end of 2018.

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