rights of women

NGO Atina celebrates 14th birthday!

Today, we are celebrating! On present day, exactly 14 years ago, few discerning women decided to register an association and named it Atina. That's how we grow and evolve, following the principles of wisdom and justice, just like the Greek goddess, whose name we have taken. For all these years we have done so much, moved mountains and inspired the lives of many women and girls who needed our help.


Duchess of Cornwall visited NGO Atina

Human trafficking, violence against women and position of women refugees are not subjects easy to talk about or advocate for as they raise many uncomfortable issues about societal inequalities and injustice. NGO Atina has obtained an unexpected ally in advocating for resolution of these problems in our society, but globally as well. We had opportunity to meet Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall who actively advocates for the rights of women who have survived violence since 2009, when she visited the center for women rape victims and learned about their lives.