What is the extent of human trafficking in Serbia?

Serbia is source, transit, and destination country for children, women, and men trafficked for the purpose of sexual and labour exploitation, coercion to commit crimes, forced begging and forced marriage. Serbian citizens are equally at risk of all forms of exploitation at home and abroad. Within our country, they are most commonly exploited up to 100 km from their place of residence, and abroad our citizens are most frequently trafficked in the EU countries and Russia. For some time now, Serbia has not recorded cases of foreign citizens in Serbia who we recognize as victims of human trafficking, and the largest number of identified victims are our citizens. It is important to note that the official statistics are not reliable enough, because they do not show the real extent of the problem, nor the real situation in terms of the number of trafficking victims in our country. However, while there is even one person suffering in this way, it is our obligation to oppose, to think of it as a big problem. The point is to identify and influence the causes of this phenomena, and the fact that we have a civic duty to oppose to it.