Nedeljnik: When a girl is promised, it is set in stone, there is no refusal: How is it possible that Serbia has not banned child marriages yet?

Photo: Profimedia

Without any discussion or explanation, the mother sent her underage daughter with a bag of clothes, stating that the young man was her husband. “When a girl is promised, it is set in stone, there is no refusal”, she was told. The girl was too afraid to say anything, she just cried. In the house where she was married, or sold, she lived with this man and his family. On the same day when she came, she was forced to have her first sexual intercourse with her “husband”, after which she was beaten and threatened, which occurred on a daily basis.


Marijana Savic: "How I happened to be featured in the Forbes list"

When people say "we are just regular people, there’s nothing we can do", I do not support that, says in her article for the Original Marijana Savic, an activist and the director of the Association Atina, that runs protection programs for the women who are human trafficking victims. In June 2018, Marijana was featured in the Forbes list of eight awe-inspiring women from all over the world, most prominent ones who fight for the refugees’ rights

Author: Marijana Savic  Date: 10/07/2018