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Joint statement of women-human rights activists from the Balkan region toward gender-based violence on the Internet

We, women human rights activists from the Balkans, stand together in solidarity with all women victims of digital gender-based violence, and demand from relevant institutions to act in accordance with their jurisdiction, thoroughly and promptly investigate the case of groups on the Telegram platform (such as: Balkan Room, Public Room, GevgelijaHub, Serbian Room, Smokva, etc.), in order to sanction the perpetrators and protect the victims from further victimization.


Nedeljnik: When a girl is promised, it is set in stone, there is no refusal: How is it possible that Serbia has not banned child marriages yet?

Photo: Profimedia

Without any discussion or explanation, the mother sent her underage daughter with a bag of clothes, stating that the young man was her husband. “When a girl is promised, it is set in stone, there is no refusal”, she was told. The girl was too afraid to say anything, she just cried. In the house where she was married, or sold, she lived with this man and his family. On the same day when she came, she was forced to have her first sexual intercourse with her “husband”, after which she was beaten and threatened, which occurred on a daily basis.


The ultimate solution in combating violence is achieving equality

Photograph: Jakov Simović

The ultimate solution in combating violence is achieving equality

In celebration of women's strength and women's entrepreneurship, and on the occasion of the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, a Bazaar "Women's Initiatives in Social Entrepreneurship" was organized on July 30, 2019 at Dorcol Platz in the framework of the project "Support to Priority Actions for Gender Equality in Serbia", implemented by the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) with funding from the European Union.


There need to be more investment opportunities for women entrepreneurs

Photograph by: Marija Piroški
Women’s motivation to start a business
Female entrepreneurship is still rare in some countries, and across the world there seems to exist a gap between male and female entrepreneurship and self-employment. What exactly is causing this gap?  
Gender gaps in business and self-employment

How the black bagel was born?

Bakery specialist Svetislav Isailovic - Buca, together with a colleague Milena Nikolic from Hyatt Regency Belgrade, visited our Bagel Bejgl shop. Buca used the opportunity to share baking tricks and help us improve our production - that is how the black bagel was "born". :)


Women social entrepreneurs are innovators creating social changes

Photography: Marija Piroški

Women social entrepreneurs are innovators creating social changes​ 

In many countries across the world, women are much more involved in businesses with a social impact than in traditional companies. In several European countries, social enterprises have more women leaders than any other kind of enterprise. Why is that the case? And what happens when they lead?

What is social entrepreneurship?​